Epic Pastels: Ultra Realistic Soft Pastel Brush Set for Procreate

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Epic Pastels: Ultra Realistic Soft Pastel Brush Set for Procreate

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47 ratings

Welcome to the most realistic pastel painting experience currently available in any digital form!

This incredible set for Procreate will provide you with all the tools you'll need to make amazing art with the most accurate pastel painting look and feel!

This package contains:

–29 incredibly realistic soft pastel brushes (35 when counting the update mentioned below), carefully hand-crafted with real pastels on paper, using only premium art supplies.

–An amazing collection of 48 high-resolution paper textures that are specific to work with pastels, all in different and beautiful colors to choose from, to perfectly suit your paintings and illustrations.

–7 Procreate color palettes with a total of 270 colors based on the most iconic soft pastel brands.

–2 pastel texture sheets that will add an extra touch of realism to your paintings.

–3 time-lapse videos with examples of what can be achieved using this set.

–A quick setup guide in PDF format, to easily show you how to configure your canvas with the textures and layers.

–06/06/23 update: 6 new brushes have been added! Expressive Sketcher, Dry Pastel Light, Medium and Strong, Accumulative Color Scatter 01 and 02.

–FREE Updates! Any new updates to this set are available for free to any previous customers of this set.

A full in-depth tutorial is available! Check it out:

Also another one on how to paint a flower bouquet with these brushes:

(15/01/23) The brushes in this set have been updated to take full advantage of the new Apple Pencil hover feature! If you have an iPad with hover support, make sure to download this update for the best experience. Also make sure to change the Advanced cursor settings as shown in the image below. This will allow for each individual brush to adapt the way hover is displayed depending on how the brush works best.

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Disclaimer: This brush set is only guaranteed to be fully compatible with Procreate 5 and above, please make sure that you have the correct version before purchasing.

***14/07/22 performance update. The following brushes have been improved in their behavior when rotating the canvas: soft pastel light, soft pastel medium and soft pastel strong***

***15/01/23 update : Every single brush in this set has been updated to work with Apple Pencil hover***

***06/06/23 update: 6 new brushes have been added***

I want this!
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This package contains:

35 pastel brushes for Procreate
48 paper textures specific for pastels
7 Procreate color palettes with 270 colors based on real pastel brands
2 pastel texture sheets
3 time-lapse videos
A quick PDF setup guide
All the brushes have been updated to work with Apple Pencil hover
Free Updates (whenever they are available)


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