Save 33%! Manero Brushes Collection Vol 2 for Procreate

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Save $19 by buying this Procreate Bundle! You are getting 240 brushes and tools for an unbeatable price!

The Manero Brushes Collection VOL 2 includes all the contents from the following brush packs:


A miscellaneous set with 31 brushes that include pencils, inkers, pens, markers, painterly and highly textured brushes. This set was the result of my #BRUSHTOBER 2020 challenge where I would create 1 Procreate brush everyday through October and post a drawing made with it on that day on my social media. It also comes with a 62-page PDF with all the brush sheets and the art I did for you to enjoy in high-res!

The Watercolor Experience:

–86 Procreate brushes made from real watercolor in total (including the ones from the various updates mentioned below): soft watercolor washes, hard edge brushes, splatters, watercolor drops, some watercolor brushes with water dilution controlled by pressure sensitivity, a few pencils and inkers and one eraser.

–4 different high resolution paper textures that you can import into your illustrations for a more realistic feel (recommended to do from the beginning for the best experience while painting).

–32 real watercolor wash sheets in total (including the ones from the various updates mentioned below) that you can import into your paintings for an extra layer of watercolor realism.

–60 real watercolor stamps (including the ones from the various updates mentioned below) that you can import and integrate as you wish into your paintings to add happy and totally intentional watercolor "accidents".

–An example Procreate file that you can open in Procreate and see the layers structure and contains more information on how to achieve the best watercolor look with this set.

–Includes a 19 minutes long video with an overview of the tools and some tips and tricks on how to use them. Available in English with Spanish subtitles (01/24/21 Update).

–Spring 2021 Update! Added: 25 new brushes, 19 of them with dual color dynamics (use the primary and secondary colors in the color picker to go from one color to the other in a single stroke using pressure). 10 new watercolor washes sheets and 10 new watercolor stamps, all made from real watercolor on paper! (You can identify the new brushes because they have a star icon in their names).

–Winter 2022 Update! Added: 6 new watercolor wash sheets and 4 new watercolor brushes, specially crafted for a loose watercolor technique.

A new tutorial is available on how to paint loose with these brushes!

–Winter 2023 Update! Added: 2 new watercolor wash sheets and 10 new type of colorful real watercolor stains you can use as a base for your digital watercolor paintings!

You are getting over 190 tools in total for the ultimate digital watercolor experience!

A beginner tutorial is also available:

Dynamic Stippling & Patterns:

–100+ brushes that will help you achieve that wonderful stippling look and add a tone of detail with a nice collection of hand-made patterns, absolutely effortless, in no time!

–Pattern size tutorial: It includes a PDF with a tutorial (english and spanish) in how to change the size of the patterns to your liking in a couple of easy steps and a pro tip on how to quickly change the angle as well.

You will also get any updates to these brush sets for FREE, including improvements and new brushes!

–05/18/21 Update: 10 new hand-drawn pattern brushes and 1 new pattern-based extra brush added!

–09/14/21 Update: 10 new hand-drawn pattern brushes added!

–14/12/21 Christmas Update! 10 new Christmas themed brushes have been added.

–28/05/22 Update! 10 new brushes added! 5 new stippling brushes + 5 new pattern brushes.

–04/03/23 Update! 10 new dynamic pattern floral brushes added!

You can see these brushes in action in the following tutorial:

(14/01/23) The brushes in this bundle have been updated to take full advantage of the new Apple Pencil hover feature! If you have an iPad with hover support, make sure to download this update for the best experience. Also make sure to change the Advanced cursor settings as shown in the image below. This will allow for each individual brush to adapt the way hover is displayed depending on how the brush works best.

Important notes: All my brush sets get updated with more brushes over time, but the #BRUSHTOBER 2020 will always remain with 31 brushes because of its nature. If you already own one or more of this sets individually, please make sure that this bundle will actually save you money or not. For example, if you only own the #Brushtober set, you would still save $4 when purchasing this bundle, but if you own any of the other two, it would be cheaper to buy the ones you don't have individually.

***The Watercolor Experience Spring 2021 update (04/24/21): 25 new brushes, 10 new watercolor sheets and 10 new watercolor stamps added***

***Stippling & Patterns Update 05/18/21: 10 new hand-drawn pattern brushes and 1 new pattern-based extra brush added***

***Stippling & Patterns Update 09/14/21: 10 new hand-drawn pattern brushes added!***

***Stippling & Patterns Update 14/12/21: 10 new hand-drawn Christmas themed brushes added!***

***The Watercolor Experience Update 01/08/22 (Winter 2022 update): 6 new watercolor wash sheets and 4 new watercolor brushes added***

***Stippling & Patterns Update 28/05/22: 10 new brushes added!***

***The Watercolor Experience Update 25/02/23 (Winter 2023 update): 2 new watercolor wash sheets and 10 new colorful watercolor stains added***

***Stippling & Patterns Update 04/03/23: 10 new brushes added!***

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Manero Brushes License and Refund Policy

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––– License Agreement –––

My brushes and tools, free or paid, are available for your personal or commercial projects. While I want you to create freely, there are a couple of guidelines:

1–Do not copy, resell, or redistribute any of my brushes or tools.
2–Do not share these assets with individuals who have not acquired them directly from Manero Brushes, even if they're freebies.
3–Any included instructional PDFs, video tutorials, guidebooks, digital comics, or other informational or narrative content available on my Gumroad page are for personal use only. They may not be used for commercial purposes, resold, or redistributed. This applies to the digital stickers included in The Sketchbook Experience set as well.

Your understanding and respect for the work and love I pour into these products are greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or special needs, feel free to contact me at

––– Refund Policy –––

Below are the specific conditions under which you could be eligible for a refund:

1–If you've accidentally purchased the same product twice, either as individual products or as part of one of my bundles.
2–If you encounter issues with downloading your purchased content, please contact me first. I might need a few back-and-forth emails with you to diagnose and try to fix the issue. You could be asked to provide a video and/or screenshots demonstrating the issue so I can get a proper idea and help with solving it. Only if we can't resolve the problem will you be eligible for a refund.


Refunds will be processed through the Gumroad platform.
I reserve the right to deny any return that doesn't meet these criteria.

To address either of these situations, please contact me directly at so I can assist you.

By making a purchase or downloading anything at Manero Brushes, you agree to both the license terms and my refund policy.

Last updated Feb 2, 2024

You will get all the contents from the following Procreate Brush Sets:

The Watercolor Experience
Dynamic Stippling & Patterns
All the brushes have been updated to work with Apple Pencil hover
+FREE updates! (whenever they happen)
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Save 33%! Manero Brushes Collection Vol 2 for Procreate

20 ratings
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