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Paint & Chill Brush Set for Procreate

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Paint & Chill Brush Set for Procreate

Manero Brushes
37 ratings

You know that moment when it's raining outside and you're cozy at home and all you want to do is paint and relax? This special brush pack for Procreate is the perfect companion for that.

It contains 47 fun and painterly brushes + 10 suggestive color palettes to help you get in the right mood! And if you work in comics or line-art illustrations, it is great for coloring those too :)

You can see these brushes in action here:

And here:

In this brush set you'll find:

2 specific brushes for initial sketches.

17 painterly brushes with a large variety of textures and different behaviors: regular, wet and color dynamic.

1 soft blender brush, meant for softening edges with the smudge tool.

5 special brushes for adding extra texture and more randomized artifacts.

10 suggestive color palettes to give you a starting point.

Into the Texture-verse update (11/03/20): 7 new brushes inspired by the art style from the movie Into the Spider-verse!

–Spring update! (04/06/21): 5 new painterly brushes inspired by nature!

–Summer update! (08/10/21): 5 new painterly brushes added!

–Spring update! (19/04/22): 5 new painterly brushes added! (You can identify the last added brushes because they have a star icon in their names).

(13/01/23) The brushes in this set have been updated to take full advantage of the new Apple Pencil hover feature! If you have an iPad with hover support, make sure to download this update for the best experience. Also make sure to change the Advanced cursor settings as shown in the image below. This will allow for each individual brush to adapt the way hover is displayed depending on how the brush works best.

Important note: All my brush sets start with a similar number of brushes and increase over time with FREE updates for current customers.

Disclaimer: This brush set is only guaranteed to be fully compatible with Procreate 5 and above, please make sure that you have the correct version before purchasing.

If you like this product, make sure to rate it! This will help me to continue making more amazing brushes for you :)

***Update 09/30/20: The behavior in the following brushes has been improved: Cinnamon, Cream, Bubblegum and Kids Paint***

***Update 11/03/20: Into the Texture-verse! 7 new brushes added!***

***Update 04/06/21: 5 new brushes added!***

***Update 08/10/21: 5 new brushes added!***

***Update 19/04/22: 5 new brushes added!***

***Update 13/01/23: Every single brush in this set has been updated to work with Apple Pencil hover***

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A Procreate Brush Pack with:

2 sketching brushes
17 painterly brushes
1 blender brush
5 brushes for adding texture
10 color palettes
Into the Texture-verse: 7 new brushes! (Update)
5 new brushes inspired by nature (Spring Update)
5 new painterly brushes (Summer Update)
5 new brushes added (Spring 2022 update)
All the brushes have been updated to work with Apple Pencil hover
FREE updates!


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